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Using social media to market your business and stay connected.

Written by: Darlene

Why should you build a following on social media tools like Facebook and Twitter? Facebook and Twitter are known as the top two social networking tools around and can help you and your business in many ways, such as SEO, relationship building, viral marketing, and brand visibility.  How can you use them to your advantage in business?

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Your customers are using these tools. Your competitions’ customers are using these tools. If you use them to your advantage, you could find great new sources of traffic as well as build stronger relationships with your clients.

Step 1: Build a Following

Social ...

Written by: Darlene

Social media strategies can do a lot for your business.

They can help you:

  • Improve your website traffic
  • Spread the word about who you are and what it is that you do well enough to warrant calling yourself an expert
  • Connect with others and develop authority

They are also excellent as a start to developing meaningful business relationships.

social media strategies

Some companies don’t understand how to leverage social media so below I have included some strategies to help you get started right away.

Here are five strategies for social media success that you could try:

Create Optimized Social Media Profiles

Create ...

Written by: Darlene

Are you using social media tools to boost your SEO and relationship marketing power? More businesses than ever are hopping onto the social media bandwagon. Social media works for your business in several ways. Read on to find out why you need to be using it for your business.

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What is It?

There are dozens of social media tools that exist online and many can do a number of things for your business. Social media, first referred to a few years ago as Web 2.0, helped many businesses change the way they did their online marketing as it helped ...

Written by: Darlene

blogging can increase your sales

The very first post I wrote on this blog was titled Blog Versus Website: Pros and Cons. That was in March, 2010. Yes blogs were already very popular back then, but most small business owners were not using them yet to promote their business. Since then things have changed tremendously online and many more small business owners are blogging as a way to reach out and attract new clients. They have figured out that if you’re looking to leverage the power of the Internet to increase your sales and your market share, blogging can increase your sales substantially both ...

Written by: Guest

social media marketing

Social media began with just being social. Facebook connected long lost high school friends and old college roommates. Blogging, in the very beginning, allowed people to talk about their daily lives, to vent their frustrations and talk about the things they enjoyed most. Twitter allowed people to creatively micro blog their thoughts in 140 characters or less. Quite simply, sharing online was fun and is still fun. Being connected to friends, co-workers and family is now easier than ever with the rise of smart phones and phone apps. We share what restaurants we like, what movies we’ve seen, what ...