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2011 Sep12

Successfully Create Buzz Around Your New Website

Written by: Darlene

It’s exciting to create a new website. Whether it’s brand new or a better version of your old site, it’s an exciting time. You can hardly wait to see how it changes your business for the better. However, I think what many people forget is that once their new website is launched they still need to figure out ways to create buzz around their new site or no one will be looking at it.

create buzz

Even though we develop well optimized websites for businesses, a new website still needs lots of help getting noticed as fast as possible because it can take days for search engines to start sending traffic naturally.

So how can you quickly create buzz around your new website and drive lots of new traffic to it?

Read on for some helpful advice on how to celebrate the launch of your new website and create buzz around it so you can get noticed as soon as possible.

Take a cue from successful REALTORS® in New York. Case in point: Selling New York on HGTV. One of the things I noticed in watching this show is that Brokers who get a valuable listing instantly look for ways to create buzz. They do everything from hosting huge cocktail parties, book signings, or getting well known magazines to feature the listing which can generate calls from around the globe. The key to the resulting success of their huge parties is that they don't just invite other brokers. They invite many different types of people in the hopes that someone will know someone that wants to buy a new home in New York.

launch party

Why not use a similar theory with your website?

What can you do to create buzz?

Of course this all depends on what type of business you run and who your target market is, but if you’ve got the budget for it, invest some money in creating buzz around your new website. It will pay you some great ROI.

Here are a variety of tips that also include low-budget / no-cost ideas, too.

  • Throw a launch party in your local neighbourhood. Perhaps a BBQ or a wine and cheese party? Remember to invite all your current clients and their friends. It doesn’t have to be overly ritzy and expensive but it could create local buzz, such as in your local newspaper, as well as give you a reason to create an online announcement, such as a press release.
  • Write a press release announcing the launch of the site. You can pay to have a professional press release written that generates hype and buzz about the new site. These releases can be written strategically and get syndicated on many high traffic websites and news services and this could help your site get noticed quickly.
  • Chat it up! One of our clients immediately created buzz by sending out a short email to all of his clients and business associates to announce the launch of the new website we developed for his business. The statistics on his new site showed that quite a few people instantly clicked through to check out his new website. You could do the same to announce your new website. You could send a short email, or include it in your next newsletter, or even go so far as to have small postcards printed and mailed to your client list.
  • Create buzz by updating your email signature block with a quick blurb that asks people to check out your new website. This will be a great reminder for anyone that you correspond with on a regular basis.
  • Make a special offer for new subscribers / customers. If you can afford a discount on a first order or other special offer, this could help you create buzz. You might even opt to work with one of the online group buying companies, such as Groupon, Twongo, WagJag, or a similar company to help you run a coupon offer. Don’t be afraid to advertise a special offer on the radio or through local print publications. Using traditional marketing methods will help with your digital marketing initiatives. 
  • Talk to complementary businesses for help. While direct competitors wouldn’t likely tell their customers about you, someone who’s in a similar and relevant field might be willing to mention you on their website. You could offer to return the favour.
  • Create content for other sites that point back to your site. Guest blog posting on other business sites that are relevant to your own site has become an excellent way to create buzz about a new site. Use social marketing sites, YouTube, Facebook groups, Twitter, and similar sites to create links and a reason for people to click over to your new site.
  • Ask people (staff, friends, existing customers) to “Like” your page on Facebook, to put a link to your site on Twitter, and so on. The links could get search engines noticing the site quickly.
  • Host a contest to get people to give you buzz. A Facebook “Like” contest or Twitter linking contest can be simple but effective in getting online traffic and mentions of your website. By offering a prize when you reach a specific milestone, you could get plenty of participation and mention on websites that buzz about contests. Those visitors will share your link online and could even become customers.
  • Add a blog to your website. Blogging is an excellent way to get noticed by search engines and because blogs are interactive by nature, you could get people buzzing in comments and on social media, sharing information you’ve put on your blog (hint: post on a regular basis and make it interesting and relevant. If needed, hire a professional blogger to help).

It doesn’t always take a lot of money to create buzz and you don’t have to do it alone. You could also hire someone to help generate creative ideas. Your web design company  may also offer online marketing services, to help you get noticed and get relevant traffic fast.

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