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2011 Sep01

Avoid Creating Bad Content With These Quick Tips

Written by: Darlene

Web content is vital to your success. It needs to be well written and it needs to encompass strong search engine optimization elements, too. Finding the right mix isn’t always easy but it’s essential. Writing bad content for the good of SEO is a myth that won’t help you. It may seem to help with SEO but in reality, it won’t do you any good on a long term basis.

writing bad content


  • SEO is important, but it’s been said that Google looks at your bounce rate as well, so if you get good rankings based on SEO’d content that doesn’t convert because the content doesn’t provide value to readers, you’ll lose rankings. Badly written content that’s too keyword dense might bring you temporary rankings but your site rankings will soon plummet and those rankings won’t help you get sales if your content doesn’t provide value to your readers. The Google Panda update, for example, was unleashed in an effort to eliminate web pages full of bad or duplicate content.
  • Bad content hurts your reputation. How will people know you’ve got a great product or value added service if you don’t find a way to articulate that on your website? Value driven content sells. Plain and simple.
  • Certain content publishing techniques are bad for your SEO and could even have your site labelled as a spammer. It’s not worth the risk!

Some website owners don’t create bad content on purpose. Some just don’t have any idea of what constitutes good website content. Here are some tips that could help you:

  • Write for audiences first and search engines second. A good rule of thumb is to write a good piece of content and then seed in some SEO elements, such as links, keywords, images, and tags.
  • Think of your reader when writing web content. Is your headline going to grab their interest? Is the content going to deliver on the promise made in the headline? Is your first paragraph interesting enough to get the reader to keep reading?
  • Research keyword phrases that could help you get attention and work to seed those into your content. Again, make the content valuable first and work on SEO second.
  • Don’t forget a call to action. It’s important to make sure that each page of your content satisfies a need from a value perspective but also that it leaves people wanting more. Piquing interest is good. Giving a link to the visitor to get more information is good. So is a ‘buy now’ or ‘contact us for an appointment’ button. These things will help your visitors dig deeper into your site, reduce your bounce rate (the rate of visitors that leave the same page they enter), and gently lead visitors toward buying.

Content is important online. It’s what tells search engines how to categorize your site so that rankings can be determined and it’s what sells your product or service to the visitors that land on your pages. 

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