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2011 Aug29

Mortgage Brokers: Attract More Clients by Blogging About These Hot Topics

Written by: Darlene

I know that many mortgage brokers email monthly newsletters, with lots of great content, to their current clients, and that is a great way to keep in touch.

But what about all the people that are not on your email list? How will they ever find out about you?

The answer is simple. Create a business blog!

mortgage broker blogs

You see people who want mortgages will often look online first. They'll look online to find out how to qualify and they'll look online for mortgage brokers to talk to. If you are a mortgage broker, your business blog could be a very profitable venture. Read on for business blogging ideas to help you succeed.

Rank Well for Your Target Area

Do you want to rank in the top results on Google for mortgage broker in your specific city? You'll need to work in a specific way to rank locally. For example, you might want to rank for "Calgary mortgage broker". It's also smart to rank for unique scenarios, such as "Mortgage broker Calgary bad credit". Including the right keyword phrases and the right long tail additions, such as city names in your blog posts and in the title of your blog posts, will help you reach an audience of people in your target area that could become clients.

Provide Relevant Info

Beyond trying to attract people who are ready to get mortgages, you might also want to attract people still in the pre-buying stages. Consider offering useful tools on your website, such as a mortgage calculator. Suggest readers subscribe to your blog for useful information that will help them qualify for a mortgage. Then you'll open a line of communication for the future.

Hot Topics to Blog About

  • I'm self-employed. Can I still qualify for a mortgage?
  • I declared bankruptcy 2 years ago. Will I ever be able to get a mortgage again?
  • What are the current interest rates and where are they headed?
  • Pros and cons of taking out a 5 year mortgage.
  • Variable interest rate versus fixed rate – what should I do?
  • Things first time home buyers should consider when looking for a mortgage.
  • Mortgages for investment properties.

Re-Purpose Your Newsletter Content

Are there some informative articles in your monthly newsletter? Use some of those topics as ideas for your blog. Look for ways to expand on the information and dress up your posts with related photos and links to other helpful resources.

Offer a Free Report

Want to attract specific types of clients? Offer a free report with useful information related to qualifying for mortgages or about the home buying process in general and get people to opt-in to receiving information from you in the future. Building a list of subscribers is a great way to expand your customer base and to get a steady stream of referrals, too.


Use social media tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to help you build an online network and an online reputation that could increase your traffic and your success rate. Consider partnering with real estate agents, for example, where you can trade links and refer one another when business opportunities come up.

Get Some SEO Help

A local marketing and search engine optimization company can help you:

  • create a great blog design
  • determine the best keywords to strive for when trying to attract organic search engine traffic
  • build a strategic online marketing plan.

And, an SEO company can analyze your traffic reports so that you can see which of your business blogging efforts are bearing the most fruit.

A good business blog with unique content can turn into a lead generation machine for your mortgage brokering business. The right approach to getting traffic and to capturing their contact details can bear sumptuous fruit. A strategic approach to business blogging for the mortgage industry can mean the difference between a little bit of results and some great results. If you'd like some help feel free to contact Professional Web Studio, a Calgary SEO company.

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