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2011 Aug18

Business Blogging Ideas for Landscaping Businesses

Written by: Darlene

I know from helping other businesses that business blogging is something that can really help a lot of different types of companies succeed on the Internet. Actually, any business can use blogging to communicate with existing customers, court new customers, and improve website traffic.

landscaping business blog

You already know that your customers and your competition's customers are using the web to make decisions about their landscaping around their home and business.

Not only will they use it expressly to find someone to do business with but they will use it to gather information that helps them make decisions such as who to hire, what designs they prefer and what products to use.

If you have a landscaping business, the Internet can help you get more customers and strengthen relationships with the customers you already have, too.

Here are some suggestions to help you come up with ideas for your  blog for your landscaping business:

Landscaping Design Ideas

Write landscaping related blog posts that help people who are looking for landscaping design ideas. Landscaping is largely an aesthetics business. If you showcase ideas for great landscaping projects, this can help you get people's attention and demonstrate your skills. Don't forget to include great pictures of projects you've done as well. Not only will the photos help grab the attention of the reader but optimized photos can help you get more targeted search engine traffic. If you've got an example of a great shade gardening project, for instance, and you name the image "shade gardening" you could attract search engine traffic from visitors looking for shade gardening ideas.

Before and After

Ask clients if you can feature their testimonials and before and after photos of landscaping projects that you have done for them. This could help you solicit testimonials and have plenty of material to keep your blog updated. (The more often you update with quality posts, the more potential your site will create!)

landscaping ideas

Landscaping Problems & Solutions

Help people solve landscaping and gardening problems. A lot of people looking online at landscaping sites could be looking for answers to their problems with weeds or garden pests. Create a list of different questions that you have been asked and then use that to write new posts.

Informative "how to" blog posts will illustrate that you are a professional and this will help you build a reputation as a landscaper with expertise. Don't simply say, 'Call me for crabgrass problems', share your knowledge and be informative and you'll build trust with your audience.

Promoting Your Blog

Promote your blog! Join Twitter and Facebook and when a new post goes live, tweet about it and put a link on your Facebook fan page. Not only will these activities generate incoming links to your site (which is valuable from a search engine optimization / SEO perspective) but you'll use social media tools to converse with your customers and prospects too. Social bookmarking can also be a highly effective form of Internet marketing.

Local Audience

Write blog posts in a strategic way. Use attention grabbing headlines, grab the reader's attention in the first paragraph, add beautiful photos and links, and use keyword phrases you want to rank for (make sure your keyword phrases include your city or town). A strategic method of blogging for a local audience will help you grab the reader's attention and will help you get good marketing value from your efforts as well.

Need help with web design, blogging, or Internet marketing for your landscaping business? Contact Professional Web Studio. We can help you take your landscaping marketing efforts to the next level!

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