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Archives August 2011

Written by: Darlene

I know that many mortgage brokers email monthly newsletters, with lots of great content, to their current clients, and that is a great way to keep in touch.

But what about all the people that are not on your email list? How will they ever find out about you?

The answer is simple. Create a business blog!

mortgage broker blogs

You see people who want mortgages will often look online first. They'll look online to find out how to qualify and they'll look online for mortgage brokers to talk to. If you are a mortgage broker, your business blog could be ...

Written by: Darlene

Google continually tweaks their algorithms. This means that search engine optimization is on the move on a constant basis. For this reason, it’s smart to continually work on your SEO. An initial bit of work could boost you to the top of Google for the most coveted keyword in your industry but if you don’t continually work on SEO and diversify your strategy, you could suddenly find that your site slides down the rankings and maybe even off the map.

google algorithm

Google continually measures web pages. And at times, it releases changes to how it measures those web pages ...

Written by: Darlene

When you hire an SEO company it’s important that you make sure that you hire the right company. If you hire a company that practices black hat SEO techniques (tricks), you’ll regret it. The tricky thing is - even the people that you would never expect to practice black hat SEO techniques are in fact doing it. And doing it right in front of your eyes.

black hat seo

This is a sensitive subject for me because over the years I have watched some of my competitors as well as some well known "Internet Marketing Experts" use black hat SEO techniques to ...

Written by: Darlene

I know from helping other businesses that business blogging is something that can really help a lot of different types of companies succeed on the Internet. Actually, any business can use blogging to communicate with existing customers, court new customers, and improve website traffic.

landscaping business blog

You already know that your customers and your competition's customers are using the web to make decisions about their landscaping around their home and business.

Not only will they use it expressly to find someone to do business with but they will use it to gather information that helps them make decisions such as who ...