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2011 Mar15

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Written by: Darlene

If you’ve got a business, having a website is good. It’s essential in the 21st century.  But having a website that looks good isn’t quite enough. You need traffic!

increase website traffic

Here are some tips on how to increase your website traffic:


There’s a saying in the online marketing community --- content is king.

Content does do a lot for helping you with your traffic. Creating a multi-page website could provide a wealth of information about your business and this could be excellent for visitors who may be interested in doing business with you.

But content does more and the more you have of it --- the better. Don’t just write a few pages and call it a day. You need to create ongoing and optimized content.

Website content can boost your site’s traffic levels substantially.

How does content drive traffic your way?

Each time you create a new piece of content on your website, search engine spiders from large sites such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will come and see what that content is about.

Publishing new content is a lot like turning a spotlight on your website for the search engines to see. When the search engines stop by to see what you’ve published, they could categorize that page on their rankings pages and this could help you get more organic traffic.

Keep in mind that websites that sit static, meaning little to no updating,  eventually lose rankings to more active websites.

Content has viral potential as well. People who find your content valuable could share it through social media, bookmarking, etc., boosting traffic rates to your website even further.

Social Media

There are many social media strategies that can work for increasing your traffic and building strong relationships.

Check out our recent post on top social media strategies for helpful tips and advice that could help you leverage the power of social marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Social media drives traffic to your site and using it regularly drives your site’s pages up in the search engine rankings.


Want more traffic? You could go with paid advertising. But you could also work on optimizing your site for natural or organic traffic.

A good way to go is to go with an SEO strategy that’s customized for your industry and your geographical area. A well planned out search engine optimization strategy is vital to the success of an online website --- especially one trying to sell a product or service.

Whether you want to sell something in an online store or want to use the Internet to drive traffic to your bricks and mortar store, a careful strategy will increase your traffic and boost your profits.

SEO companies can help you strategize and execute strategies for a well-designed, well-optimized website that delivers ongoing content that’s also optimized for social media success. Need help? Contact Professional Web Studio, a Calgary SEO company that can help you increase your website traffic.

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