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2011 Mar10

Top 5 Social Media Strategies Your Business Can Use

Written by: Darlene

Social media strategies can do a lot for your business.

They can help you:

  • Improve your website traffic
  • Spread the word about who you are and what it is that you do well enough to warrant calling yourself an expert
  • Connect with others and develop authority

They are also excellent as a start to developing meaningful business relationships.

social media strategies

Some companies don’t understand how to leverage social media so below I have included some strategies to help you get started right away.

Here are five strategies for social media success that you could try:

Create Optimized Social Media Profiles

Create profiles for your business on the large social media sites.

You can find top ten lists of social media sites or look for sites that relate to your industry as well.

Certain sites are geared more for professional businesses, certain social sites are general in nature, and some are more technical in nature.

Creating professional profiles on these sites can result in your business ranking well for words and phrases that relate to your industry. When people search on your name specifically, these social media profiles will often rank on page 1 in search engines, helping to establish you as a professional.

Tip: take the time to learn a bit about each site so you can take advantage of each site’s unique optimization tools and suggestions. As you use the sites, it’ll soon become clear which ones are worth focusing your time on.

Linking Strategies

Linking is a vital aspect of your online marketing strategy and social media sites offer many linking opportunities.

Many social media sites offer status update, microblogging, or link sharing features. Use these to help draw attention to links that you think could help other people.

Draw attention to a specific link on your website or post a link to an off-site article about your product or service.

Examples for strategic linking include:

  • linking to a new blog post so that people will read it
  • linking to a positive review or testimonial
  • posting a link to a press release or announcement from your company
  • drawing attention to a special deal, and so on.

The linking you do will draw attention to your company both from a search engine optimization perspective as well as from the perspective of people coming across those links and clicking to check them out.

Following Others

Social media is meant to be social in nature. Be sure you understand how each site that you join works.

In most cases, developing a network will bring you the attention and results you desire. Follow those who appear to be good prospects. Learn from others in your industry.

Tip: Don’t spam anyone. Following others to push a link at them isn’t going to necessarily help you but following someone could result in their following you if you do it strategically.

Being Helpful

Some of the most successful businesses on social media tools use these platforms to share, and that’s what helps them get the most out of these tools. They share knowledge and information, they answer questions, and they even use it as a platform for contests and giveaways.

By being interesting and helpful, you increase the chances of being followed by others and substantially improve your chances of getting measurable results from your social marketing efforts because of establishing yourself as a professional.

Data Mining

Don’t just use social media sites to disseminate info. Use it to gather useful info as well.

On Twitter, for instance, you can search for people discussing a specific topic and follow their profile from there. You can also do data mining for people talking about your business specifically.

On your own website statistics, you can see where traffic comes from and use this info to plan future social media marketing strategies.

Including these social media strategies as part of your marketing campaign will do a lot of good things for your business. It can help you reach customers, reach prospects, gather business intelligence, and build your brand. Take the time to work with a few to start off with and you could start seeing substantial increases in your website’s success.

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