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2011 Mar08

Is Your Business Website Getting You Results?

Written by: Darlene

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What kind of return on investment (ROI) are you getting out of your website? Was your website a great investment - meaning it's a valuable marketing tool that attracts new clients to your business, or do you feel like it was a waste of money?

I want to share a story with you about one of our clients. From the start he had several experiences that showed that his website was a great investment for his business.

Your Website Lends Credibility to Your Business

First, he said that it built credibility for his business, especially when he was meeting with new clients.

He found that gone are the days that you carry a portfolio of your work to your client meetings. The last time he took a portfolio of his work to a meeting the client simply said “that’s okay, we already looked at your website”.

Clients find it easier and more convenient to look at your website especially when you have an online photo gallery that displays professional images of your work.

An online photo gallery is the perfect way to show prospective clients what you can do for them when the photos of your work clearly demonstrate your expert skills.

Your Website Attracts and Converts New Clients

The second reason he found his website to be a great investment was because in writing and developing his website, we included all of the necessary search engine optimization strategies that Google and the other search engines are looking for, so that when someone looks for a business like his online, his website shows up at the top of the indexed listings.

For example, earlier this year a business in another country needed work done in his region. They typed two words into Google and his company appeared as the 3rd listing on the first page. They called him and setup a face to face meeting which, the last time I spoke with him, was potentially leading to signing a rather large contract.

The above are two excellent examples of ROI that one business experienced.

Getting Results

You see anyone can type your company name into Google and find your website, or at least it should work that way. The trick is to capture the eyes of the people that don't know your company name but know what  type of work they need you to do for them.

They type what they need into the search engines and when your website shows up in the results, and your title and description line look like it will fulfill their needs, then they will look at your site to see how you can help them.

This is a clear demonstration of why your business needs a website that is developed based on the items that are going to:

  • ensure that the search engines find and index your website based on what people are looking for
  • ensure that new prospective clients quickly find your business website based on what they need
  • assist in converting these prospective clients into actual paying customers

Can it work the same for your business? Can you have a business website that actually delivers a return on your investment?

Give us a call to find out how we can make this work for your business.

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