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2011 Feb01

How Blogging Can Increase Your Sales

Written by: Darlene

blogging can increase your sales

The very first post I wrote on this blog was titled Blog Versus Website: Pros and Cons. That was in March, 2010. Yes blogs were already very popular back then, but most small business owners were not using them yet to promote their business. Since then things have changed tremendously online and many more small business owners are blogging as a way to reach out and attract new clients. They have figured out that if you’re looking to leverage the power of the Internet to increase your sales and your market share, blogging can increase your sales substantially both directly and indirectly. This is a great way to build your brand, engage readers, and leverage the power of social media as well. Read on to learn why this works and get info to help you implement some great blogging strategies.

Search Engine Optimization – Search Engines Love Blogs

Web blogs, known as online journals, are a great way to share information with your customers. They can exist as a part of your site or can be the main site as well.

You can optimize them as an online store or as a portal that leads to a buy page. They can be standalone or you can integrate them into your website.  They’re extremely versatile and very interactive.

If you haven’t started a business website yet, you may want to consider using a blogging platform as your website. And, adding a blog to your existing website is definitely a great idea for boosting your SEO. Calgary companies, for example, find that they get more organic traffic once they implement a blog strategy.

Many business web sites remain static which doesn’t do much for increasing traffic. But with blogging, there are frequent, keyword-rich, interactive articles that cause the search engines to visit your website regularly.

The more often your website is crawled by search engine spiders, the more chances of that search engine listing you on more searches and sending more traffic your way. Blogging can boost your traffic and if done well --- it’ll boost your sales, too.

Organic vs Paid Ads

Organic is the way to go with SEO. Sure, paid search campaigns (PPC) can be profitable but organic search engine traffic has a greater chance of conversion because people searching for what they want are led to your site through what is perceived as a natural process.

They click your link because it is listed as the most relevant.

Blogging is a great way to get indexed for multiple searched terms and doesn’t cost you a fee per click or per page impression.

Why do search engines love to index blogs?

Blogs are regularly updated, contain a lot of relevant language, and they generally contain many incoming, internal, and outgoing links. Links are revealing to search engines and enable them to build a good picture of what that blog is about.

That picture helps search engines determine what sort of traffic to send in the direction of that blog.

Blogging – Gain Subscribers + More…

If your business blog becomes a valuable resource for your industry, it could gain a large group of followers.  Those followers become an audience that reads all your new posts and in some cases, acts upon your listed call to action. Imagine how powerful this could be when you launch a new product or service?

Subscribers can view new posts through RSS feeds, through email subscriptions, and throughout social media tools that they visit at work, at home, and through mobile computing. 

By blogging you gain direct traffic, through subscriptions and traffic that links to your blog from other pages on your site, and you get indirect traffic because your blog boosts your search engine rankings through perceived relevancy and popularity. 

Other blogs may link to your blog and you could be featured in multiple places. Look at the top business blogs and you’ll see that followers participate in the discussion, social tools such as Twitter and Facebook are used, and the site is well optimized for Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Boost Traffic and Sales

Blogging increases your traffic and done right, it’ll increase your sales. Strategic keyword placement, optimization of various tags that exist on each page, and an off-page optimization strategy will all work together to help your business blog rise to the top of search engines for your geographical area and your niche.

Blogs can have sidebar advertisements, links to “buy now” pages within the text and through writing helpful articles about your industry you can establish your business as a value added authority and this can help convert visitors into customers and referrers.

One of the best things about blogging is that you can pretty much write your posts from anywhere – including the beach!

Need help with your blog design or blog strategy? Talk to Professional Web Studio. We are a Calgary search engine optimization and web design company who can help you leverage the Internet to increase your presence, engage your audience, and boost your sales.

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  1. Drew
    Drew on 04/02/2011 7:11 p.m.

    Well written article and good advice. If there is one thing I tell people, even above working for quality organic back links, it is to blog consistently. I have found that the important thing is keeping a routine so that you can count on being indexed every time you blog. It's better to post once per week for a year than every day for a month and then get burned out. I'll keep an eye on your posts and share some of your info. Thanks!

    Drew Warner
    TC Search Coach

  2. Darlene
    Darlene on 04/03/2011 11:36 a.m.

    Hi Drew, You are absolutely correct, consistency is key for blogging success. I was on track for every week and then got distracted, so I need to get back to my routine as well. Thanks for dropping by!

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