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2010 Jun08

Redesigned Website for GEML Construction Inc.

Written by: Darlene

Professional Web Studio is excited to announce the launch of a redesigned website for GEML Construction Inc. GEML Construction Inc. is based in Windsor, Ontario and they are a rapidly expanding company. Their crew of highly trained professionals specialize in architectural millwork and finish carpentry. Examples of their outstanding workmanship can be found in businesses throughout Ontario, such as McDonalds, the LCBOs, Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Moxies Restaurant, to name a few.

Having been in business since 2004, GEML Construction launched their original website 3 years ago. Their original website included a photo gallery of their completed projects as well as a description of their business as it stood 3 years ago.

Original website:

geml construction

Within the last 3 years GEML Construction has built an amazing reputation for their work, and they have received phone calls and bid requests from clients throughout North America. They are currently speaking with new clients in several States in the US. Their original website did not accurately reflect the current state of their business so they contacted us to redesign their website and to help bring it up-to-date.

Redesigned website:

geml construction redesigned website image

We had a great time working with Greg Geml, the owner of GEML Construction, and together we were able to design and develop a new website for his business that includes a new photo gallery, a careers section, a bid request section for future clients to request his services, as well as a blog which will announce their upcoming projects throughout North America. Behind the scenes we incorporated many search engine optimization techniques that will help the GEML Construction website rise to the top in the search engines.

Professional Web Studio would like to thank GEML Construction for hiring us to redesign their website. We truly appreciate your confidence in our services!

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