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2010 May07

Easy Internet Marketing Strategies That Will Attract Lots of Hot Leads to Your Local Business

Written by: Darlene

internet marketing strategies

If your town is like so many others, you may have noticed businesses that closed due to the fact that they lack a steady stream of customers. Local businesses have always dealt with the problem of how to generate leads to help them stay in business. Of course without new leads, a business could go under in no time at all.

Traditionally, business owners have depended on newspaper ads or the yellow pages to help them generate new leads. Those ads can run thousands of dollars a month, and have basically become ineffective, seeing as most people are now shopping on the Internet for both local services as well as products they just can't find close to home!

Therefore it is very important for local business owners to take advantage of the Internet by implementing these easy Internet marketing strategies that will attract lots of hot leads to their business.

1. Article Marketing

By writing articles, you can provide information that speaks to the benefits of your services and products, the best ways to use them, tips for trouble shooting when your customers encounter problems, and even answer questions that your customers might have. Keeping in touch with your customers, and offering them plentiful useful information, will help them make better informed decisions. You also could send along those articles to online publications in your niche and generate even MORE new business.

2. Professionally Designed Website

Having your own professionally designed website will be one of your best Internet marketing strategies as it will display your contact information, offer tips and coupons, photos of your place of business and the products that you offer. Plus you can literally pre-sell your customers by adding lots of content about the benefits of your services and the products that you sell. When you finally get your business online, it becomes easy for you to refer potential customers to your business website whenever you run into them.

3. Search Engine Optimization

It's fairly simple - if people are able to find your website by the keywords they put in a search engine, you're going to be receiving a lot of ongoing (and free!) traffic. You'll need to be sure that your website is properly optimized based on the keywords that relate to your business. This will not only help you achieve top rankings, but also ensure that you have ongoing traffic coming to your website.

4. Write a Monthly Newsletter

Offering a newsletter means you can put a subscription form on your website, and when someone signs up you've captured a new lead that you can then send updated information to about your business. This sort of communication helps to win trust and build long term relationships. And whenever you have a new promotion, or a great sale, you can notify them at the speed of a mouse click.

5. Press Release

If you're looking to generate a lot of leads, then send out a press release via the Internet to local publications in your general area, and make sure that your press release mentions your website. If just one local paper writes an article about you and your business, you have the potential of reaching thousands of new customers.

6. Geo-targeted Pay Per Click Advertising

This particular method can generate traffic for you immediately. In case you've never noticed, Google AdWords are those ads you see displayed on the search engine results pages, all down the right side of the page. All you need to do is simply create a Google AdWords account, and create an ad that will target keywords related to your business. That means when someone clicks on your ad they are immediately directed to your website. The costs of this ad will depend on how much you are paying for each click. The more clicks your ad gets, the more you will pay.

I recently found an excellent massage therapist through her pay per click Google ad. One morning I did a search for "massage therapist Calgary". Her website did not show up but her pay per click ad was at the top. I clicked on the ad which of course took me to her website. Her website was a great introduction to her small home based business of massage therapy, which is exactly the type of website I spoke about above. She also emails a newsletter to her clients, which is one of the other easy Internet marketing strategies that I mentioned above. And of course her massages are amazing!!

7. Use Social Media to Interact

Today a huge number of people are using blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to show friends and family their most recent creations, or just to keep tabs on the people they care about. Some of the larger retail stores (e.g. Sears, BestBuy, Macy's) are now using social media to interact with a lot of their customers. They are able to develop relationships with this kind of interaction that allows promotion and sales of their products.

You might want to get the jump on your competition by implementing these easy Internet marketing strategies for your local business before everyone else learns how to do it. Just think, you will be automatically attracting hot new business leads that could have gone elsewhere due to your ability to reach a wider audience by effectively using the Internet.

The above Internet marketing strategies are meant to be ideas that a local business owner can quickly and easily implement so that they can set themselves apart from their competition and rapidly expand their business with hot new business leads.

If you can think of any other easy Internet marketing strategies that a local business owner could benefit from, please do not hesitate to post them below in the comments area. As always, we look forward to hearing from you!

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