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Website Maintenance Package

website maintenance

At Professional Web Studio we understand that your business is constantly growing and changing and your website should reflect that. Once your site is launched, Professional Web Studio will be available to add functions, features, content and images to your website as per your requirements.

If the website we develop for you includes a blog or a photo gallery, you can also hire us to write and add new blog posts to your blog, as well as upload new pictures to your photo gallery, as supplied by you.

On the flip side, you can hire us to train you or your office staff on how to update your website, blog or photo gallery.

While some business owners may have the time and the staff to ensure that their website is constantly functioning properly, other business owners prefer to focus their time and effort on other money generating tasks, and therefore they choose to leave their website maintenance and support tasks up to us.

The tasks that we offer are in regards to the website and blog that we develop for you. We are not in a position to offer support or assistance with any other issues you may encounter with your computer, such as browser issues or setting up and maintaining your email accounts whether it be on your PC or your mobile devices.

Website Maintenance & Updates

Blocks of time are purchased in advance of Professional Web Studio completing any website maintenance.

Sample time allotments for website maintenance tasks:

Task Time Increments

Additions or changes to your site including:

  • edit content
  • add new image
  • update announcements
  • add hyperlinks
  • create new email addresses
  • minor changes to the site header or footer


15 minutes per task


Website Statistics - We will generate and email you a monthly report showing the traffic on your website, including the number of overall hits, number of pages visited, geographic location of your visitors, etc.

15 minutes per report

Creating new blog posts - Writing a new blog post with information and images that you supply, and submitting the new post to your business blog.

60 minutes per blog post

Adding new images, as supplied by you, to your photo gallery.

15 minutes

Access to our technical support service, either by phone or email.

Calls and emails will be responded to promptly.

Based on time spent