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2011 Mar01

Online Marketing Secrets Your Competition Isn't Aware Of

Written by: Darlene

Business to Consumer Marketing Secrets

online marketing

A competitive advantage could mean the difference between success and mediocrity online. If you take advantage of online marketing secrets you could surpass your competition in the search engines and in the eyes of your customers and prospective customers. Read on for some business to consumer marketing secrets:

Website Image

Make sure you have an up-to-date, modern-looking website that provides value to your customers. It's not enough to talk about how 'great' you are or how 'low' your prices are.

Websites that stand apart from competition demonstrate how they can help their clients.

Make your client believe you can make his or her life better and you could boost your website's success --- substantially!


SEO is a much better bargain than pay per click. Leverage well-optimized content to attract clients to your business instead of paying for PPC ads.

The best inquiries and leads for our business are the ones that find us by doing an organic search on Google or Bing.


Because these are typically people that are serious about what they are looking for and welcome the indexed results that meet their criteria. PPC ads cost you money and typically have a lower conversion rate than organically optimized websites.

If your competition is focusing only on paid advertising, your SEO efforts could pay off --- big time!

Facebook Business Pages

Are you a B2C company?

If so, take full advantage of setting up a Facebook Business Page.

Many businesses either fear social media or don't understand the benefits of it for their business.

Some believe it's just a phase or believe that Facebook isn't used by their clients.

Some don't think they can compete against big players such as Dell, Pepsi, or Apple.

But the truth is that Facebook advertising is perfect for all sized businesses.

There are great methods of obtaining followers, boosting your organic SEO with Facebook, and utilizing Facebook ads that have a high convert rate and often cost much less than Google Adwords.

Facebook and other social marketing sites could help you gain a huge competitive advantage through SEO, viral marketing, and relationship building.

Local SEO

Are you optimized locally?

If you are a local business with a business address, add your business to Google Places.

Google has made this very easy to accomplish and it could pay off with huge dividends.

This is a free, quick and easy way to drive lots of new clients to your local business through being featured on Google Places when people do local searches on their pc or on their smartphone.

Many believe that they need a website to list their business with Google Places. This isn't the case.

Yes, it's better for potential clients to be able to view an up-to-date, well-designed website about your business that encourages them to phone you, but even without it, those taking advantage of Google Places can compete locally, especially if people are simply after an address or phone number to help them make a business inquiry.

Online Discount Offers

There are many group discount sites such as Groupon, Twongo, LivingSocial, WagJag, and others. Small businesses can gather a huge amount of new customers quickly and the word-of-mouth referral opportunities as well as social media exposure could be excellent for your business.

A small discount offering could make a big splash and help you take your business to new heights.

Talk to an SEO and Marketing Specialist

One of the best ways to compete is to talk to experts who could analyze your site and your existing marketing methods and help you to unleash the power of new media within your business and your geographical area.

More consumers than ever use the Internet to help them make their choice about their next big purchase and your site could be the one they find when they go looking --- even if they've been buying from your competitor for years.

An SEO consultant could help you leverage the power of the Internet and the pricing could be much lower than you anticipate ---with a HUGE potential return on that investment that helps you gain a substantial competitive edge.

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