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2010 Nov08

Will a Content Management System Help Your Business Grow Online?

Written by: Darlene

Will a content management system help you grow your business online? Yes! And here's how. Content sells and today’s websites need to be more than a simple brochure that gives clients and prospects a glimpse into your business. Your website needs to work as a rich and interactive lead generation tool and a good content management system (CMS) can make it easy for you to help it do that.

What is a Content Management System?

django content management system

Once upon a time, before content management systems, updating a website could be pretty labour intense. Non-technical people really couldn’t do it.

But today, a content management system can make it as easy for you to publish to your website as it is to create and save a MS Word document. If you publish a lot of content, this is a good thing. And you should consider publishing a lot of content. Content will help you get the most out of your website!

Create Content, Add Images, and More…

Each and every page on your website brings new potential for organic SEO rankings.

That’s why posting frequent, well-optimized content is a good idea.

Each page brings search engine spiders to your pages. Those spiders are hungry for information and each time you post a new page, your website has the potential of being indexed for new words and phrases that are related to your industry.

Then, there are the people reading those pages.  Those people could act on the content and acting could include contacting you, buying something, or sharing your information with someone else who could do the same.

An easy-to-use CMS, that’s customized for your wants and needs, and that optimizes your website for search engines, can help you achieve success online. By making it easy to publish content, you’ll be more likely to do it often.

A CMS system means you can make changes easily, on an ongoing basis, so you don’t have to hire a programmer or web designer each time you want to add or change a page on your website.

Not all content management systems are created equally! A solid CMS is something that will benefit your website, particularly if you share a lot of content and if you’ve got multiple users posting it. It helps present everything in a streamlined and standardized fashion and it stores content safely for you as well.

What Professional Web Studio Does:

Professional Web Studio is a Calgary web design business that does web design and development as well as search engine optimization and other Internet marketing services, and we can customize your content management system, too. We work with the Django based open-source CMS (content management system).

Django markets to an audience of people who want rapid development and clean design, aka: “The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.” Does that sound like you? Talk to us about your needs and we can help you get a customized Django-CMS so that you can rapidly access, add, and edit your content and experience the benefits of growing your business online.

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