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Why Your Website is an
Important Part of Your Marketing Plan

You may have been running your brick and mortar business for a very long time, and enjoyed moderate success, but you don't quite know how to enjoy the success all your competitors are experiencing, and you're looking for ways to expand the reach your company is capable of. With the advent of the Internet, many small businesses are experiencing new growth and added profits when they take their unique company to the Internet and establish an online presence.

The following outlines five ways in which a website is an important part of your marketing plan:

1) Reach a Greater Number Of People

With the help of a well organized and optimized website, more and more people who are interested in the kind of product or service that you offer will be able to learn about your business. If they like what they see, they'll know where they can go when they want what you can provide. This can supply you with an unprecedented level of exposure that your brick and mortar business has never experienced before.

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2) Increase Your Presence Within the Community

You won't just attract people from other parts of the country or the world with your website. People in your area, who might have missed hearing about your business through the traditional forms of marketing that you likely are using, can discover your company as they go to search engines, looking for a local business that specializes in your product or service. This way, you can increase your presence and visibility on a more immediate level as well, benefiting your brick and mortar business in a more concrete way.

3) Make Your Customers Part of the Conversation

The unique nature of online marketing makes it easy to make your customers feel like they're invested in the company. With a simple solicitation for their contact information (presumably in return for a free report or future discounts), you can have an autoresponder occasionally send them newsletters and mailers that will inform them of new reasons to keep them shopping with you.

4) Educate Your Customers On Your Products

With the help of an effectively optimized and thought–out website, you can tell established or prospective customers more information on your product or service than traditional marketing methods would allow. This way, your customers will feel more knowledgeable about what you offer, and as such will be more comfortable paying money for it.

5) Possess A New Avenue For Selling Your Product

If you have the means and the motivation to create an online store for your business, as well as a way to ship your products to customers outside your local area, you can provide whatever you sell to people all around the country. The comparatively minimal cost of shipping your products and maintaining an online store is nothing compared to the immense profits you can accrue when you extend your customer base to the rest of the country and beyond. Even customers in your area can take a look at what you have through your online store, and later choose to buy it from your brick and mortar location.

Now that you know these top five ways in which a website is an important part of your marketing plan for your small business, it's our sincere hope that you can create an online presence that will dramatically benefit your company. With the help of an effectively created website, you can bring in new revenue streams to your brick and mortar business and create a niche for yourself on the World Wide Web, enabling you to experience success the likes of which you've never seen before.