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Design Your Website Using These Key Elements

The websites we design at Professional Web Studio are made with the web user in mind!

Our goal is not only to bring new customers into your website, but to keep them interested long enough for them to become a customer.

When we design your website we work on these main elements.

Keeping It Simple

Keep your website simple! Everyone is looking for instant gratification; many people want to know exactly what the website is offering as soon as they arrive. If you have unneeded images or too much text, you will only confuse the people that are visiting your site. Not only will white space be aesthetically appealing, but it will allow visitors to easily separate various parts of the page.

Many people cannot handle overly complex websites with too many pictures, and bunched up text. Most people would rather look at a simple website that's easy for them to follow. If they can't find what they want right away, then they'll just go elsewhere.

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Keeping Navigation Easy

This is incredibly vital. It is very important that visitors get to what they need fast, and with as little difficulty as possible.

While some people browse the Internet as a source of entertainment, many others are looking through websites to find a product or information that may help them solve a problem. If they are not able to easily find what they need on your website they will leave.

Currently it is popular to have an easy access toolbar at the top of the page which serves as navigation for the site. Many people are comfortable with a toolbar and put it to a lot of use.

Also, every single page of your website should have some sort of link going back to your home page.

Balance and Layout

What we try to accomplish is drawing the user's focus from the upper left part of a page to the right. Nowadays, people are actually more drawn to the text on a web page than the actual pictures or images. So, what we are out to do is make sure we get the user's attention as he arrives and make sure to hold onto it as he or she goes through the page.

Keeping a good balance between content and pictures is also vital to making the page aesthetically pleasing. Not only will it make it easier for users to find what they want, but they will also have less trouble navigating and reading the page.

Balance is there to make sure there is a nice a flow to the page.

Keeping Backgrounds Clean

A background should remain a background.

The background should not be stealing attention from the main part of your web site. If you have graphics or overly complex textures in your background, you might be distracting people from the purpose of your site.

For your content pages you cannot lose with a good white background and simple black text. But if you want lots of colour, make sure the background is a lighter color than the text itself is. Many people get annoyed by very dark or bright colors like yellow and red because it makes it difficult for them to focus on the items that they want to read. One of the most difficult pages to read is one that is done with a black background and white print.

Visual Graphics

graphic designEvery website we build is a custom job. Because of this we are able to include many elements of design through a single format across all of your connecting web pages. This allows everything to flow nicely, and makes it easy for your customers to follow. You should never have a website that is cluttered with far too many pictures and images. All this does is make it take longer for the page to load. Also, if you use a similar style of graphics throughout the whole website, people will know what to expect and can focus more on the content of the page.

The Various Sizes and Types of Fonts

People really enjoy having just the right size and type of font. People who visit your site do not want to waste their time trying to read text that is too small, or painfully scroll through text which is way too big. Usually the best choice is a size between 10 and 13 points, and a font type of Verdana or Arial. Both of these are very popular.

Making Text Easy To Read

I am sure you have quite a bit of information that you need to relay to visitors. Because of this, you need to make sure that the text is well organized, displays properly and is not difficult to read.

You can achieve this by separating paragraphs and different topics into blocks of text.

Add headings to visually separate out the various segments of your content.

Keep in mind that many visitors will simply scan a page looking for information that is important to them. Once they find something useful to them, then they might end up reading the rest of the information that you have to offer.

Making Scrolling Work

No one likes to horizontally scroll through text. This will just aggravate people. As we design your website, we do our very best to minimize the need for someone to have to horizontally scroll across your web pages.

It is always best to have them vertically scroll. But you need to make sure you keep all scrolling as minimal as possible. No one wants to keep scrolling, and you may lose the interest of people if you try forcing them to.

If you have a large amount of information on your page, have it separated out into multiple pages which can be linked to from the main page. If you have important information in a block of text, make sure that it is highlighted at the top of the page so that it will encourage the visitor to read through the whole page.

Ensuring Your Pages Load Quickly

No one wants to wait forever for a web page to load. We make sure that you will never have long load times on your page. If a page takes too long to load, a user will simply leave. Remove any graphics that you don't really need, and lower the amount of scripts on your page. You have to keep the user interested as they read through your page; he or she has to feel like they need to keep reading because you have such great information, otherwise they'll just go elsewhere.

Incorporating the above elements in your website design will please your current customers and help you attract many new customers.