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Everyone knows that the more often you update your website with new content the more popular it will become. Of course as it grows in popularity your site will attract new clients and help you close more sales.

But how do you update your website on a regular basis if you don’t know how to do the technical stuff? 

That’s easy!

Have your next business website built using a Django content management system (CMS).  With a good content management system you will have the freedom and flexibility to update your site without having to worry about constantly contacting your “technical guy or gal” for help.

In general a content management system allows non-technical people to easily edit the content on their website.

  • We set your business up with a Login Id and Password to your website.
  • You go to the page you want to update and click “edit”.
  • A user-friendly online editor, very similar to a word processor, will appear and display the current content of the page.
  • You (or your staff) make your updates to your content and save your changes.
  • Some examples of updates are adding new photos, revising current content, adding brand new content, updating an events calendar, adding employment opportunities, and much more.

Our development team has chosen to use Django-CMS as its preferred technology of choice. The, Python-based, Django framework is currently being used by thousands of different organizations and is recognized as one of the best content management tools in the industry.

django content management system

Why is Django-CMS an excellent choice for your next business website?

Here are a few reasons:

  • Easy to use – the CMS has various editors that are similar to word processors. The tool is easy to learn and requires minimal training.
  • Free – Django itself is completely free to use. There are no licensing fees.
  • Feature rich – Django comes with a number of pre-built features including Blogs, e-commerce, XML integration, document management system and advanced work flows.
  • Scalable – it’s easy to extend and add new features.
  • Customizable – the tool can be customized to meet any requirements. New functionality can be added on to accommodate very specific requests.
  • Workflow management – you can have someone else update your site and then submit their work for approval before content goes live.
  • Built-In Search Engine Optimization – this allows you to organize your content and optimize with metadata and formatting.

Although all systems can be vulnerable to online attacks, Django does not experience the same security breaches that Wordpress and Drupal have been known to experience. At this point in time Django-CMS has an excellent security track record.  This makes Django a more secure and safer choice for your business.